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In the community to make a difference..
           We are a full service non-profit internet broadcasting company. We are not affiliated or to be confused with WJUS 1310 AM radio or any of it's affiliates in Marion Alabama.

     Welcome to WJUS. Chicago's all new gospel internet radio station. We hope you will find the information here useful. Our expected live broadcast date is August 2008. Feel free to contact us via email with any questions, comments and ideas you may have. Your feedback is important to us. We would like to know what you want to hear and see on WJUS gospel net radio.
    WJUS is a 24/7 gospel internet radio station. The ancronym WJUS means JUST as in "The Just Shall Live." The concept of this station has been in the makings since early 2006. Our goal is to offer gospel radio and broadcast services 24/7 streaming over the Live365 network. Listening to WJUS is free and to broadcast your services would be affordable. Internet broadcasting is more affrodable than traditional AM / FM broadcasting. One of the benefits of net broadcasting is that you can be heard worldwide. WJUS promises to provide an affordable broadcast solution for the gospel community.
    WJUS is family owned and operated company right here in the Chicago area. We are currently in the process of structuring our administrative team. One of the main purposes of WJUS is to provide a major communications link within the church community. WJUS is made up of people from many different Christian backgrounds. We are not owned or operated by any specific church or denomination. We believe in the one and only Almighty God.
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A special thanks to Mother Luvonia Whittley, Dr. Chandra Whittley, Church Administrator Caroll Simmons and the entire Corinthian Temple Media Ministry for your support.
"Plant A Seed And Watch It Grow."

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