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 You got questions, We got answers...
Now is the perfect time to broadcast your services on WJUS. If it's audio or video, we got you covered. Be heard worldwide or viewed worldwide without the expensive network prices.

WJUS-A 24/7 gospel internet radio station. Known as “JUST” radio as in “The Just Shall Live” is where the call letters came from.
 Although the estimated date of broadcast is June 2008, The WJUS concept was first brought up in early 2006. The plan is to offer gospel internet broadcast 24/7 using Live365 internet radio network.

The purpose of WJUS is to provide a one stop link for the church community. WJUS is not owned by any specific denomination or church. We are  networking link within the christian community. We believe in God his son Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost.
Church Broadcast:
 It’s all in the title. Your church has the opportunity to broadcast your services via WJUS. Broadcast time slots are available anytime during the week. Sunday afternoons are dedicated to service broadcast from 12pm until 10pm. Opened time slots will be replaced with gospel music and commercial free hour music. During the week open time slots are 1 hour. We ask that you commit to your time slot for at least 4 months. Your services can be pre-recorded or broadcast live. You must have a broadband internet connection (Cable / DSL) to broadcast live. Check out our fee log on this page. Save thousands over traditional AM/FM broadcasting.

Gospel Music:

 Like any other radio station WJUS have a musical preference, gospel and inspirational music is our preference. 24/7 we will play all types of gospel and inspirational music. There will be some instances where specific type of gospel / inspirational music will be broadcast. Old school, southern gospel, new school just to name a few. Majority of broadcast will be a mixture of all type.

WJUS News:
 Currently WJUS news team is still in the making. The idea is to have a personality announce special news events going on around town. The news would basically act as a community calendar of special events. The news personnel would broadcast a short clip of an event and would then refer you to for more info. We would receive other breaking news and weather info from another local media source. Some our news may be broadcast lived from a specific location depending on availability. If a church or other local organization is having an event or any news to report they would be redirected to and to follow reporting directions.
Get your high quality church DVD in to us today. We can set your video up for broadcast in a professional way. No pop ups and no time limits. More on WJUS-TV coming soon so stay tuned.

WJUS Broadcast Log
WJUS Hourly Price Log:
 WJUS fees are set on an hourly rate. The fee(s) you are responsible for will vary depending on dates, times, and total number of broadcasting hours. We can customize a broadcast package for you.
Weekday Broadcast
$65.00 / Hourly   Monday - Friday  7:00AM to 7:00PM
$55.00 / Hourly   Monday - Friday  7:00PM to 5:00AM
The fees above are based on a one hour week broadcast. If you commit to 4 or more hours a week your hourly rate will drop to $50.00 / Hourly. This fee only applies to those who spread there hours out over a period of 4 to 5 days = one hour a day for 4 to 5 days. Please see pricing listed below for special offer.
$50.00 / Hourly   Monday -Friday  7:00AM to 11:00PM  
$55.00 / Hourly   Saturday Only  7:00AM to 11:00PM
$50.00 / Hourly   Saturday Only  7:00AM to 11:00PM for those who broadcast a minimum of 3 hours during the business week.
Sunday Only
$70.00 / Hourly   Sunday Only   7:00AM to 5:00PM
* If you broadcast 5 or more hours during the business week you are eligible to receive  a Sunday broadcast at a discounted rate. You will also receive an additional 30 bonus minutes to your time slot. See Sunday Dinner special.
$50.00 / Hourly   Sunday Dinner Special 5:05PM to Mid-Nite. See brochure for additional info..
Weekend Special
$50.00 / Hourly   Saturday & Sunday  7:00AM to 5:00PM
* This rate is strictly for those who only wish to broadcast on Saturday and Sunday. You must broadcast both days.
Note: 30 minute slots fees are same as 60 minute slots.
Call WJUS today and speak with a representative. We can customize a plan to meet your ministry needs. Ask abou our special rates for daily broadcasters. More monthly time for less money..

WJUS accepts  payments by cahiers checks and money orders only.