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About Us

Who Are We?

Our Business Philosophy

WJUS and associates is a family  owned and operated business. We believe in Faith, Prayer, God, and the power of the Holy Ghost. We believe that prayer changes things and that all things are possible. We understand that no task is too big or too small for God to handle. We believe in encouraging Gods people. Our God is an awesome God and a provider. We know that a Just man shall fall but get back up. That's what makes us Just. We believe in the healing power of God. We gratefully thank God for looking past our imperfections and loving us for who we are.
Mission: Committed to the community as a whole, WJUS was organized to provide a communications link within the gospel community. To assist in media, financial, social, education, and other areas in the community. One of our main goals is to get the church  back involved in the community as a whole. To put an end to territories and boundaries that are currently blocking people from seeking help and seeking God. To spread the plain truth.
Expect and accept the unexpected
                                 Respect the expected...

Our Employees

Our Company Our History

This is where you can learn about our company and its history. The WJUS concept has been around for a few years. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting. One of the most exciting things about our company is we didn't start out as a media company.
  • Founded in 1994 as Community-Neighborhood Lawn Care. This was a local community business in Riverdale Illinois. This was an easy way for brothers Desmond and Ernest Rolland to put money in their pockets. In the summer they would mow lawns, in the fall would rake leaves, and in the winter shovel snow. As odd as this may sound they were successful.


  • 1997 Ernest signs an agreement with UniDial Communications to become an authorized agent for long distance telephone service creating RBI Long Distance Group.


  • 1999 Ernest and Desmond sign an agreement with Retriever Payment Systems and First National Bank of Omaha to sell merchant processing services. Combining merchant services with long distance NTI Communications was born.


  • 2003 NTI sign an agent agreement with Cognigen Networks to offer Local / Long distance service, computer  netwroking services, and 200 other innovative and broadband services.


  • 2004 NTI represents AT&T, Xerox, HP, Dell, Gateway, Comcast, Dish Network just to name a few. NTI offers anything you could possible think of in the communications industry.


  • 2005 Ernest officially changes NTI's name to Inexicom Communications. (INEXpensIve COMmunications)


  • 2007 WJUS gospel net radio a seperate entity from Inexicom Communications is founded by Ernest J. Rolland & Clifton A. Gilbert.

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